Lynn Muir

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Lynn was born in East Anglia and trained at Colchester School of Art where she gained her degree in illustration and design. After leaving college she worked in theatrical design. She moved to Cornwall with her husband and three children and in 1986 set up her workshop.

Combining her interest, skills and her graphic training, Lynn began working on her wooden figures.

She uses mainly driftwood which she collects from the local beaches and lets the shape and form of the wood suggest figurative forms to her and then works on it with machine saws, powered sander wheel and hand tools. She then ‘illustrates’ the shaped wood with paint and pen.

Lynn sells and exhibits her work in the UK, America, Germany and Japan and in 1993 won the British Toymaker of the Year Award. In 1995 Lynn and her work were the subject of a television program called Mastercraft.