Kathleen Appleyard

New collection coming soon!

Kathleen’s workshop overlooks the perpetually changing River Exe. Her inspiration comes from elements of nature: clean contours produced by the movement of water, whirlpools, windblown choppy surfaces, the gravitational pull of the moon, meandering rivers, droplets and moon glade reflections on quiet water.

She is fascinated by the interplay of form, pattern and texture and the resulting exploration to achieve the best design outcome. Her aim is to make ‘touchstones’ or amulets to aid a personal sense of wellbeing which sit comfortably both physically and psychologically with the wearer. She appreciates that tactile awareness, fit, weight and movement are essential considerations in support of a confident sense of self.

In 2018 Kathleen left her long-term Art and Design lecturing post at Exeter College in order to focus exclusively on jewellery design making.