Daniel Cole

Daniel's background lies in illustration and after a Foundation Course at Falmouth he went on to study Scientific Illustration at Blackpool College of Art. After leaving there in 1988 and having won a Readers Digest travel prize, he decided to spend the three months in Brazil where his sole aim was to watch and sketch the birds. Since that time he has been on many field trips to India, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia to capture images through sketching for his own enjoyment and for his work.

Daniel went on to work as a freelance illustrator in the commercial sector, going on to specialize in Natural History with a bias towards birds. He has worked on numerous projects - the first commissions being field guides and a series of Game Fowl. Other Clients include – Nestle, Lloyds Bank, White Mackay and many others.

From 1997 - with the Wildlife Art Agency (now Art Agency) - Daniel has had work published all over the world including encyclopaedias, children’s books, magazines, posters, etc. Throughout this period he never lost his ambition to paint, though illustration is still important to him.

We also sell Daniel's PRINTS.