Christy Keeney

In addition to the pieces shown below we also have a new collection of Christy's beautiful handmade brooches, which we'll be photographing and adding to the website shortly. If you'd like to be informed when they become available, please let us know.

Born in Ireland, Christy moved to London in 1984 to study ceramics at the Royal College of Art. After spending 17 years there, he returned to his native Donegal where he now lives and works.

His sculpted slab built heads demonstrate a wonderful sense of draughtsmanship as details are drawn into the wet clay surface.

Of his inspiration, Christy says - "I visited a retrospective exhibition of Picasso in the early 80s when I was at college, and many of my influences came from seeing that work. Especially a collection of small cardboard cutout and folded, figurative sculptures. These simple two dimensional pieces opened a world of possibilities on how I would approach my own work."