Bob Crooks

New collection coming February 2024!

Bob was born in 1965, London. He gained a BA(Hons) at West Surrey College of Art and then took a year out to assist Ronnie Wilkinson, former Master Glassmaker. The following year he was the Workshop Manager for the Glassworks in London.

In 1990 he established 'First Glass' in Gloucestershire, which has since relocated to Devon.

Bob is one of Britain’s most highly recognised leading glassmakers. Renowned for the high quality, skilfully executed dynamic forms and surfaces he has been producing over the last three decades. His work has been exhibited at International level and in noted exhibitions in Italy, China, Scandinavia, Australia and the USA, alongside many exhibitions at home in the UK.

The pieces are inspired by geometry, architecture, the natural and man-made worlds we live in as well as the qualities and capabilities of the glass itself. Throughout the variety of work, he exploits the many properties of the material through refraction or reflection; sharpness or softness, transparency or opacity, working with its fluidity and ‘freezing’ it as the desired form is realised.